Also writes as GJC McKitrick.

Lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.

Is of the boomer generation.

Is married to a politician.

Has two grown sons.

Has no motorized toys, pets or paragliding equipment.

Is learning to “like” everything on Facebook.

Does not have a bucket list, such a list would imply mortality.

Thinks that neckties are a genetic disease. Their persistence over the generations proves this.

Finds it strange that no self-identified aliens are following him on Twitter.

Frequently visits sites online that have nothing to do with his personal interests just to mess with Google.

Is embarrassingly Canadian about hockey.

Was once bitten on the spare tire by a pit bull. The tire did not deflate, unfortunately.

Goes to the gym to work out most days but is still untattooed.

Is old enough to remember hiding under desks at school to avoid nuclear annihilation.

Is skinnier than Mike Duffy.

Was once prevented from doing a school science fair project on dinosaurs because the then Premier of Alberta, Ernest C. Manning, was against the theory of evolution.