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A Walk in The Thai Sun


“A comparison with Graham Greene comes to mind—for the clarity of the prose, the exotic locale, the noir ambience, the dead-center dialogue, the complexity of characterization, and most of all for the subtle spiritual dimension of this writing, which is less a dimension than a pervasive atmosphere.”

Michael Mason, author of “The Blue Umbrella” and “The Mystery of Marriage.”


The story gives us a vivid glimpse of the post-modern world of sweat-shops and sex tourism, where differences in faith—in this case between Buddhism and Christianity—seem trivial compared to the growing gap between rich and poor. But when we have finished walking with the father through the Thai sun, we are more able to understand the longing for full humanity, which in ways both profound and perverted, motivates every character in the story.”

Loren Wilkinson, Professor of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies, Regent College, University of British Columbia.


The author weaves together details to make an exotic locale vivid, while keeping the story moving briskly. Propelled by big themes of faith and life, A Walk in the Thai Sun never preaches, and avoids cheap sentiment, making for a satisfying read.”

Larry Matthews, writer & editor, Toronto, ON


McKitrick is a superb writer and story-teller; his people are unique individuals rather than stereotypes, the dialog is remarkably authentic, the physical settings (particularly the heat) seem visceral. Though set in the ‘80s, this narrative reflects realities that would easily fit in the present.”

Luci Shaw, poet and winner of the Denise Levertov Award for Creative Writing.



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