A Walk in the Thai Sun



Life for retired Police Officer, Sam Watson, is a solitary affair.  His wife is dead and his daughter wants little to do with him.  His most important relationship is with his son, Jeff, but even that relationship is strained too due to Jeff unwavering commitment to the Christian faith.  Sam has little use for religion.   When Jeff’s faith leads him to dedicate his life to missionary service in Thailand, Sam is devastated.  An uneasy long distance relationship continues until, one day, a man from Jeff’s mission arrives at Sam’s door with the news that Jeff has been murdered.

Sam’s life dissolves into a fog of grief as he awaits news of the capture of his son’s killer.  When that news does not come Sam decides to go to Thailand and seek justice.   But this turns into more than a simple murder investigation as Sam also grapples with loss, culture shock and, ultimately, the meaning of his son’s short life.

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Cover design by Naomi Arielle
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