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Ecstasy: An Excerpt From “Planet Song”




The green came, opaque and trailing filaments. He wondered why these strands of algae would be moving, waving as if caught in a current. […]

Behind the Writing of “A Walk in the Thai Sun”




One of the stories I haven’t told, at least in public, is how “A Walk in the Thai Sun” came to be written.

My wife […]

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Luci Shaw reviews “A Walk in the Thai Sun”

Endorsement of A Walk in the Thai Sun, by G.J.C. McKitrick

When cultures intersect the results can be mystifying, and it would be hard to […]

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Forward to “A Walk in the Thai Sun”


All murder mysteries are essentially spiritual in nature, focusing on the quest for truth and justice. The protagonist sets out to discover and expose […]

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June 6, 1952.  It’s funny the things you remember, the things that refuse to be dislodged from your memory.  I remember little about grade […]

A Literary Infection: Why Book Reviews Matter

The Internet  drives 85% of book sales in North America; so getting noticed on it is a prerequisite to having one’s books read.  It […]


When I was ten
I wrote my name in mud
On the red brick of the schoolhouse.

Then everyday for six weeks
I came to see if the […]